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Apart from being a town in Northern Sweden, Jokkmokk is a cheese shop in the centre of Eindhoven. As the rest of this site is in Dutch, we will explain what we are all about in English on this page.

We believe in good products that come with a story. Stories about animals, traditions, people and regions. We genuinely try to get the best cheeses with the best stories to tell.

We like products from around us, cheeses, sausages and delicatessen from Eindhoven, Brabant and the Netherlands, but we also have a fine selection of Belgian, French and other foreign cheeses. Most of the cheeses we sell are produced on the farms were the cows are milked too, and made of raw milk. That means that the milk for these cheeses is not pasteurized, and therefor full of flavour.

Some of the cheeses are organic, but not all of them. Many of the farmers however, who do not opt to have their farm organically certified, are doing a lot to secure the welfare of their aninamls and the natural values of their lands. We appreciate that a lot and have it be part of our selection criteria, whenerver we can. Cows (and sheep and goats) should be outside as much as possible, we think. That's also a thing we look at.

Apart from selling cheese and other good stuff we also provide beer- and cheese tastings together with de Bierbrigadier, the craft beer shop in our street, aswell as other catering and tasting options. We also provide cheese to a growing number of bars and restaurants in and around Eindhoven. Among the other things we do, we can also mention that we sell the best cheese sandwiches in town, as far as we're concerned, with bread roles provided by one of the best bakers in town (Broodt).

If there is anything you'd like to ask us, you can always drop by or contact us in some other way.



Bergstraat 35

5611 JX Eindhoven

06 14984912

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